Booking Request Form

The following information will be sent to the appropriate staff in the office of Institutional Planning and Budgeting, and the Teaching Support Centre. Note that WALS bookings are handled through IPB ( Susan Williams, extension 84861) with TSC approval (enquiries via email). Bookings are taken for teaching only, not for individual use. Questions about specific software bookings are handled by Information Technology Services.

Before completing the form, please review the WALS booking policy.

2018-19 Academic Year Booking Timeline

  • Classroom scheduling will begin after February 27.
  • New bookings will be published on the WALS booking calendar on March 17.
After the booking calendar has been published for the 2017-2018 academic year, please consult the room calendar to check current availability. If space is available, you can submit booking requests for WALS throughout the year.

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Fit for WALS

How do the teaching and learning strategies planned for this course align with the affordances offered by WALS?

When are you requesting WALS?

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I have flexibility with the day of the week of this request
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Please indicate which classroom you wish to book.
Read more about the differences in our classroom spaces to help you decide.

WALS-TECH University College (UC) 1110
WALS-FLEX FIMS and Nursing Building (FNB) Room 2220


Pedagogical Support and Technological Orientation

In requesting use of the WALS classroom, it is anticipated that you will have attended an orientation on teaching in WALS offered by the Teaching Support Centre.

I have participated in the WALS-specific training
I have not yet participated in the WALS-specific training


PLEASE NOTE: If the booking form does not work, please email

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